Video: Dr. Clifford Sewell on the Flesh Eating Disease

Here’s a video produced by featuring Dr. Clifford Sewell talking about the flesh-eating disease. It’s interesting that he identifies hospitals as the most common place where one can get infected with the bacteria.

Well, maybe its not really that surprising; hospitals may be places for healing but they are also full of bacteria and viruses. But then again, there’s really no bacteria/virus-free place is there?

Anyhoo, we’d like to reiterate his point about contacting your doctor right away if you’ve got a non-healing wound. A simple wound, left untended, could be the entryway for MRSA. So you should treat your wounds ASAP.

Let’s all be healthy. Let’s all drive the bacteria away.

Meanwhile, here’s another report — this time from CBS — about nurse Sandy Wilson who battled the disease while pregnant. She and her baby survived after an emergency C-Section but she was hospitalized for nearly two and a half years.