Tom Evans: Flesh Eating Bugs for Hire

In flesh-eating related news, Tom Evans, a graduate student in Montana is trying to make money for his research by hiring out his flesh eating bugs. Fortunately, its not the flesh-eating bugs we dread around here that he’s unleashing to the world; what he’s actually leasing are some bone-cleaning beetles.

From the Great Falls Tribune:

Tom Evans, a graduate student at the Bozeman-based school, maintains a colony of bone-cleaning beetles whose day job it is to snack on animal bones that are part of his research.

But in their off-research hours, these beetles work overtime: Evans hires them out to hunters who want their game mounts cleaned.

He puts money the beetles earn toward his research, in which he’s trying to establish better guidelines for how paleontologists determine age and origin of dinosaur fossils.

Identifying insects that were present at the time of dinosaurs can tell paleontologists a lot about the environment where dinosaurs lived.

So if you’re a hunter who wants your game cleaned without you having to do the cleaning yourself, you might want to check out this guy and his “flesh-eating bugs”.

This is what we imagine what a deer would look like after Tom’s flesh eating bugs are finished with it. What do you think?

tom evans flesh eating bugs