Life After Flesh Eating Disease: Katy Hayes Update

Katy Hayes, the woman from Texas who contracted the flesh eating disease when she gave birth to her third child will soon be getting her first pair of prosthetic legs. Check out the video above.

If you are inspired by Katy, as we are, do visit her website.


  1. christine says

    I am a survivor of the Flesh eating virus. I am thankful for being here to day but i am having a really hard time with the fact that I had it and that I almost died from another enfection that i had with the flesh eating virus. I was in and out of the hospitals and rehab for 4 1/2 months. I really need to beable to talk to someone who knows and has been through what I have. Family and friends just do not know what i am feeling or what I have gone through. They can only help alittle. I hope that some one can help me. Please…..

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