Irish Guy Contracts Flesh Eating Disease in Hospital, Sues for Damages

Blake Haxton, the young guy who’s suing medical practitioners and hospitals in Ohio alleging that they failed to timely diagnose the fact that he contracted flesh-eating bacteria isn’t the only one who resorted to the courts to demand damages for his resulting condition.

Here’s the story of a man from Ireland who sued the Portiuncula Hospital after he contracted the bacteria following a hernial surgery at said hospital.

From Tim Healy of the Irish Independent:

A MAN who contracted a flesh-eating virus, after surgery to repair a hernia, has settled his High Court action for damages.

The man, who cannot be identified by order of Mr Justice John Quirke, brought a medical-negligence action against Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe, Co Galway. The hospital admitted liability in the case.

The court heard the man suffered injuries around his lower abdomen, groin and upper thigh as a result of necrotizing faciitis — arising out of an operation on July 2, 2001.

It had a catastrophic affect on him physically and mentally, the court was told. He was unable to engage in physical activities, his relationship with his wife was affected, and he had concerns about fertility.

Reconstructive surgery to his scrotal area is not recommended at present, the court heard.

The man claimed that the hospital failed to diagnose the flesh-eating virus and renal failure. He told the court that the morning after the operation, he awoke with unbearable pain and was throwing up. He said nothing was done when he complained. A bell patients use to alert medical staff was taken away from him because he rang it so much, he said.

The following day, he was diagnosed as having the flesh-eating bug, and renal failure.

He was transferred to St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and underwent two further operations, including one to implant his testes into his thighs.

He was released from hospital in August 2001, but made redundant due to his injuries. He continues to experience pain, has significant scaring and suffers from stress and depression due to his injuries.