Helping Hand in Flesh-Eating Disease Tragedy: A Canadian Story

Wow, those nice Canadians. They do live up to their “nice” reputation don’t they. Here’s an inspiring story about how a Windsor businessman helped kids left fatherless by the flesh-eating bug. Props to Jose’s Noodle Factory for being good guys in this story.

Windsor business steps up from kids left fatherless by flesh-eating disease
Via The Vancouver Sun

WINDSOR, Ont. — A local business has stepped in to pay for a trip to Disney World for two children who lost their father to flesh-eating disease.

Richard Montague, 40, had promised to bring his seven-year-old son Braeden and six-year-old daughter Madison to the amusement park in April.

But Montague died suddenly of flesh-eating disease two weeks ago.

After reading in The Windsor Star about Montague’s death — and his unfulfilled promise to his children — the owners of Jose’s Noodle Factory decided that they would lend a hand.

“I think everyone felt what we felt … your heart just went out to them,” said restaurant owner Michelle Nesbitt. “(His death) was so fast, so shocking.”

Nesbitt, her husband Ernie and co-owner Donny Pacheco, dug into their own pockets to pay for the trip. “It’s just the right thing to do,” Michelle said.

“Even though a perfect stranger doesn’t know you, they can still be kind.”

The children’s mother, Danielle Renaud, said she was speechless when she heard the news.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know what to say.

“Madison basically jumped up and down on my bed and Braeden just sat quietly for about 30 seconds and then he just said, ‘Cool,'” Renaud said. “I think it was a bittersweet kind of thing.”

Renaud will accompany the children on the five-day trip next month.
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