Flesh Eating Bacteria Not Virus

It turns out that my initial skepticism about Michael Jackson having a flesh-eating virus is correct after all. But it’s correct only in the sense that it’s a bacteria, not a virus, that’s doing all that flesh-eating.

Get it, fellow laypeople? There’s no such thing as a flesh-eating virus but there is a flesh-eating bacteria. [Argh! I should have known that before I registered this domain. Hehe.]

Here’s what a doctor says about the matter:

Flesh eating virus? I’ve never heard of that. Probably because it doesn’t exist. Here is Isabel’s story from the Isabel Healthcare website:

Isabel was finally diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome and Necrotising Fasciitis (aptly described as the ‘flesh-eating bug’).

Of course, any second year medical student could tell you that toxic shock and necrotizing fasciiits are caused by bacterial infections usually staph and strep, not viruses. You’d think an article about imprecision in medicine would take pains to get it right.

So there. Now we all know better. The next time someone talks about “flesh eating virus”, arch your eyebrows (like in them old Hollywood movies) and say knowingly, “Watchu talking about? There’s no such thing as a flesh-eating virus!” Then direct them to this blog to prove that you know what you are talking about.