Flesh Eating Bacteria in Oysters and Other Seafood?

Do oysters have flesh eating bacteria? Apparently, warm water oysters can have Vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria which causes necrotising fasciitis otherwise known as the flesh-eating disease.

This is the reason why the US Food and Drug Administration wanted to have oysters harvested from the Gulf of Mexico undergo treatment to kill the flesh-eating bacteria.

Not unexpectedly, oyster farmers and fisherfolks are protested against the FDA’s plan which had to ditch its plan to mollify the farmers.

oysters flesh eating bacteria

Tough balancing act huh?


Flesh Eating Bacteria in Seafood?
19 July 2010

Can you get infected with the flesh eating bacteria through your favorite seafood? Apparently, as illustrated in the following news report, you can.

Man infected with flesh-eating bug
A man is in serious condition in hospital after being infected with flesh-eating bacteria. The Health Department says the 69-year-old man from Sham Shui Po injured himself while handling a crab at home. He sought medical treatment after developing fever and painful swelling of his left leg. Blood tests revealed the presence of the bacteria, which can cause death within 12 to 24 hours after infection.

You might also want to check out the story of Tanya Gludau, a chef who got infected when she accidentally cut her finger while preparing food in her own kitchen. Also, check out our earlier post about oysters with vibrio vulnificus, a bacteria which causes necrotising fasciitis.