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Leishmaniasis Treatment: Bill and Melinda Gates vs. Flesh Eating Bacteria

Leishmaniasis Treatment: Bill and Melinda Gates vs. Flesh Eating Bacteria. Look who’s just joined the battle against lechmaniasis and the sandflies that spread the disease? It’s the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!

The Foundation awarded £65,000 (US $100,000) to Strathclyde University which will use the money to develop a treatment for Leishmania.

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Flesh Eating Bacteria Treatment

While we’re still on the subject of treatment against the flesh-eating disease, here’s a news release about how a group of scientists have discovered some clues that could help us fight the bacteria that causes the disease.

From The Methodist Hospital System:
A team of collaborating scientists at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, the Broad Institute in Boston, Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, and the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) have sequenced almost 100 full genomes from three successive epidemics of flesh-eating bacteria. This has resulted in the first precise explanation of the biological events contributing to deadly epidemics of severe infection. This method can be used to track and help prevent devastating epidemics in the future.

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