How Common is the Flesh Eating Disease?

How common is the flesh-eating disease? It’s actually very rare (only about 9,000-11,500 cases in the U.S. are reported each year according to the Center for Disease Control) but the disease appears to be becoming more common than in the past.

Dr. Alan Bisno, a retired University of Miami expert who has lectured other doctors on this, told the Associated Press: “In the first 20 years I practiced, I may have seen one case. Within a very few years, everybody in the audience had all seen cases.”

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What is Flesh-Eating Disease?

Flesh-eating disease is a rare but deadly disease which can cause death within 12 to 24 hours from infection.

Also called necrotizing fasciitis (nek-roe-tie-zing fah-shee-eye-tis), the infection works its way rapidly through the tissue layers (the fascia) that surround muscles and destroys said tissue. The disease can be found in any part of the world and it is estimated that about 20 to 30 percent of infections are fatal.

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