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Flesh Eating Virus Infection: Can You Catch It in Public Places?

Flesh Eating Virus Infection: Can You Catch It in Public Places? It’s really a frightening prospect that’s almost like something straight out of a sci-fi thriller.

Bacterial strains colonize the skin and membranes of your nose and remain benign but stealthy colonizers there until they come into contact with, maybe a surgical wound in a person who’s just had a transplant and who’s taking immunosuppressant to prevent the transplanted organ from being rejected.

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Timely Diagnosis for Flesh Eating Bacteria

Most of the flesh-eating bacteria lawsuits are based on allegations that doctors or hospital staff failed to immediately diagnose the disease. Of course, if you’ve been reading this site, you would already know that – to be fair to doctors and other medical staff – the flesh eating disease is kind of hard to diagnose. What makes it so fatal is that if the disease is not diagnosed and treated ASAP, death from the infection can occur very fast within hours.

Anyhoo, here’s a story of a sports journalist named Joe McDonnell who was able to beat the disease because of the timely diagnosis by his doctor. The Press Telegram reports: Continue reading

Children and the Flesh Eating Bacteria

As we’ve been saying in earlier posts, the flesh eating bacteria can infect anyone from famous people to ordinary ones like us. Children can also get infected.

Here are two recent stories of children from different parts of the U.S. who were infected by the disease. One survived but the other, sadly, did not.

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Video: Dr. Clifford Sewell on the Flesh Eating Disease

Here’s a video produced by featuring Dr. Clifford Sewell talking about the flesh-eating disease. It’s interesting that he identifies hospitals as the most common place where one can get infected with the bacteria.

Well, maybe its not really that surprising; hospitals may be places for healing but they are also full of bacteria and viruses. But then again, there’s really no bacteria/virus-free place is there?

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