Bath Salts Can Cause Flesh-Eating Infection

Despite its innocuous name, the extreme dangers of the new street drug known as “bath salts” are just beginning to emerge, and doctors from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans have found a new menace.

People who take “bath salts” by injecting them into their muscles are not only putting themselves at risk for deep paranoia and recurrent delusions—known and common effects of bath salt abuse identified since the drug hit American streets in 2009. [see Bath Salts Side Effects]

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Bananas With Flesh Eating Bacteria?

Bananas With Flesh Eating Bacteria? An email and text hoax warning consumers that they could contract a gruesome and fatal “skin-eating” disease from eating bananas has terrified Southern Africans in recent weeks.

The hoax e-mail and text message warned people against eating bananas for the next three weeks, especially fruit from the South African KwaZulu-Natal region, and to see a doctor if they developed a fever after eating bananas.

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Australia’s Flesh Eating Brown Recluse Spiders?

Years ago, some guy (or maybe she’s a gal) wrote an email about the dangers of the brown recluse spider and how its bite can kill ya. Maybe the writer is really trying to be earnestly helpful or maybe s/he’s trying to scare some friends but boy has s/he managed to scare the bejesus out of a lot of Australians.

From in 2008:
FLESH-eating spiders are not a threat in Australia, experts say, despite widespread alarm caused by graphic images in a gruesome hoax email.

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Do Spider Bites Cause Flesh Eating Disease?

If you were bitten by a spider, can you be infected with the flesh-eating disease? In an earlier post we wrote on this issue, we quoted a news report which notes that the bite of the white-tailed spider has the potential to develop flesh eating bacteria.

Now here’s another news report on a study done way back in 2003 which concluded that the white tail spider is not guilty of causing the flesh eating disease. However, some kind of spiders – particularly the recluse and fiddleback spiders – have been documented to cause skin necrosis. So, in short, the white tail spider is not guilty of causing flesh eating disease while its brown recluse and fiddleback cousins are guilty of such crime.

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