Blake Haxton vs. Doctors: Flesh Eating Disease Lawsuit

Here’s a news report about a lawsuit filed by Steven Haxton, a teenage victim of the flesh-eating disease, who is suing his doctors and some hospitals for allegedly failing to timely diagnose his disease despite the fact that the victim’s mother reportedly raised the possibility that he could have been infected by the necrotizing fasciitis.

From NBC4:

“To our view, he was abandoned essentially for a long period of time at Riverside when he wasn’t being seen by a doctor before a diagnosis was made,“ said Gerry Leeseberg, attorney for the Haxton family. “They were operating under the assumption that he had a hematoma, which is nothing more than a bruise. And yet there was no history whatsoever that Blake had suffered any kind of a traumatic injury.“

Four days after arriving at Riverside, Haxton was fighting for his life on life-support. He survived more than a dozen surgeries, but Leeseberg called the staff’s failure to make a swifter diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis a case of negligence and a failure by the medical professionals to do their job. Leeseberg also told NBC 4 that Blake’s mother, Heather, suggested early on to doctors that they should consider necrotizing fasciitis as the source of Blake’s pain.

“She personally asked a physician whether or not – at Riverside – whether or not Blake might have necrotizing fasciitis, and the doctor told her ‘no’ – that he didn’t think that was the problem,“ Leeseberg said. “We’ve had emergency room specialists, we’ve had orthopedic specialists, we’ve had infectious disease specialists from the best institutions around the country look at this case and tell us, in their opinion, they think that this could have been and should have been prevented.“