Anti-MRSA Drug to Fight Superbugs: Britain’s XF-73

British scientists have developed a new anti-bacterial drug, currently code-named XF-73, which could kill deadly superbugs in five minutes. The short period that the drug acts on the bugs is very crucial because it prevents the bacteria from developing resistance.

Destiny Pharma, the Sussex pharmaceutical company which introduced XF-73, reveals that the drug can be used to prevent the spread of the deadly bacterial MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

In studies conducted by the company, superbug MRSA did not show any resistance to the new drug. The result remained the same when the experiment was repeated in 55 exposures.

The Daily Express quotes the University of Leeds’ Ian Chopra on the significance of the drug:

“Resistance to antibiotics is seriously undermining the ability of the medical profession to treat bacterial infections.

“Society urgently requires the discovery and development of new anti-bacterial drugs that have a different method of action and minimal potential for the development of resistance. XF-73 fulfils this need. The bactericidal potency of these drugs is remarkable.”

Derek Butler of MRSA Action UK, welcomed the new drug adding that the new treatment is promising:

“There is always the fear that bacteria will develop resistance to the only medication available to eradicate MRSA from a patient who carries the bugs.

“We are aware not everyone can be decolonised from MRSA using the present treatment available so this new development of treatment has shown great promise.”

The XF-73 drug works by breaking down cell walls and causing rapid loss of its vital content disabling the deadly bacteria.Existing antibiotics act by destroying specific parts of the bacteria to disable them. This process takes much longer.


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