Flesh Eating Bacteria Prevention, Treatment, and What is It Exactly?

September 29, 2015 0

There is something about being “eaten alive” by bacteria, crawling unseen on your skin, that is so primitive and so sci-fi at the same time, it unleashes the primal fear in us. Maybe this is why, on the rare occasion that the gruesome flesh-eating bacterial infection strikes, it creates a storm in cyberspace.

Effective Treatment for MRSA? FDA, WHO Search for New Drug

March 15, 2012 0

FDA mulls speeding drug development for deadly ‘superbug’ antibiotic-resistant infections The widespread misuse of antibiotics has triggered the evolution and spread of lethal multi-drug resistant bacteria — ‘superbugs’ — that are difficult to treat and have few remedies.

Can You Catch Flesh Eating Virus in Public Places?

February 21, 2012 0

It’s really a frightening prospect that’s almost like something straight out of a sci-fi thriller. Bacterial strains colonize the skin and membranes of your nose and remain benign but stealthy colonizers there until they come into contact with, maybe a surgical wound in a person who’s just had a transplant and who’s taking immunosuppressant to prevent the transplanted organ from being rejected.

Flesh Eating Virus in Britain (the U.K.)

February 19, 2012 0

Deadly flesh-eating superbug spreads in the UK? Hogwash, NHS says Is there really such a thing as a new, deadly flesh-eating superbug that can be spread by coughing and sneezing? Should we worry? Can we prevent it? Last week, British commuters were alarmed when a tabloid warned that coughing and sneezing on crowded trains and buses could spread a deadly “flesh-eating superbug.”

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